Ajax problem in add to cart form


I have tried using the built in interface to enable AJAX callbacks for my add to cart form but it isnt working. I made a custom list of products with an "add to cart" button next to them but for some reason the whole page reloads.

The site is here: http://tinyurl.com/a8bsmjh

Since the front page is built in one single page with information (only ajax calls in colorbox) its pretty important that one can add new products without reloading the whole page.

Posted: Jan 10, 2013

Additional editable textfield for a line item

I'm searching for a solution for this problem:
I want to have an extra field in the cart view for every line item in the cart, where the customer can add some text to the product, eg. a print message on the gift or a message on the cup.
I have tried everything i found about this problem. The tutorial from Randy Fay:http://vimeo.com/31460419 also didn't help me.
I also tried the webform module but you only can use it for an entity not a product.

Is there any solution for this problem?


Posted: Jan 7, 2013

Multi-Page Form Checkout Pane

Anyone got any suggestions on including a multi-page form in the middle of the checkout process? Obviously we can create a new page and pane to house this form. And a form can be displayed in its entirety on this one page. However, for forms that are extremely long (500 items in this case, full of conditionals), it would be great to figure out an approach of splitting these off without ruining the checkout process.

Posted: Sep 27, 2012
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