Additional editable textfield for a line item

I'm searching for a solution for this problem:
I want to have an extra field in the cart view for every line item in the cart, where the customer can add some text to the product, eg. a print message on the gift or a message on the cup.
I have tried everything i found about this problem. The tutorial from Randy Fay:http://vimeo.com/31460419 also didn't help me.
I also tried the webform module but you only can use it for an entity not a product.

Is there any solution for this problem?


Posted: Jan 7, 2013


imaaxa on December 12, 2013

Hey Josh,

I have followed the instructions for this module. Works great for the site admin, but I can not get the field to show up for anyone else. Is there any permissions that need to be set?

joshmiller Josh Miller on December 16, 2013


Sort of, go to the fields settings (admin/commerce/config/line-items ... click "manage fields" next to the line item type you are using), click "edit" next to the text field you added, and check the box "Include this field on Add to Cart forms for line items of this type."

Next, you will need to change the display formatter settings (admin/structure/types ... and click "manage display" next to the content type you are using), then click the gear next to the "add to cart form" field ... and choose the line item type that you created. If you don't see a dropdown with line item types, then it's likely you don't have more than one (default) and/or you haven't enabled the customizable products module I mentioned above.