Show certain products during submitting a new order

Hi to everybody,
I'm using DC to implement a basic marketplace.
The problem I have is to show just certain products to certain users during order creation. Unfortunately, everybody can see all the available products, whereas each user must see just their own. Is it a way to do that? I don't want to edit DC core module, but I would like to create an external module instead.
Furthermore, while adding a product, the autocomplete shows sku: Product name. I want to show just the product name and other fields.

Thank you in advance

Posted: Jan 21, 2013

Creating custom order: can't reach checkout


I'm developing a site with kickstart 2.0 which entails a custom form to generate an order with some additional metadata attached (the purpose is for activity bookings, though the site will be selling goods too). I've added the extra fields to my orders in Admin > Store Settings > Manage fields, designed the form and given it a submit handler that calls my function that creates the order. I'm basing the function on Ryan's blog article on the subject, here it is:

Posted: Jan 20, 2013

Manipulation customer profiles programmatically

Hi. I need to create customer profiles (billing information) when the checkout process begins. It's a requirement of my project: there is no billing information panel on the checkout process, we'll be using the user profile to build it programmatically.

I've a addressfield on the User entity and I want to use this data instead of showing a panel everytime a purchase is made. How can I do this? I've search a lot for some documentation, tips or more but I can't find how can I associate the recently created billing information with the order.

Posted: Oct 26, 2012
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