Add product alter units (or packages)


I need some help about the best way to add alternative measurement units (unit packages) to our products.

The scenario:
There is an online store that sells lubricants (motor oils), so we have a product named "Lubricant Sample SAE 5w-30 1lit.".
The default unit is the "piece" (1 piece = 1 unit), but the store also sell that product to a carton "box" (or package) that contains 12 pieces (1 box = 12 units) and of course to different price (usually price = unit price x units).

Is there anyone who know how is the best way to implement that?

Posted: May 16, 2013

Multiple line items in the database but one in the order page

I am doing a report module to show various information about drupal commerce orders and line items.
I am now facing a problem with the line items:
For some orders, in the commerce_line_item table, there are multiple line items for the same product and quantity.
However, in the order page of these orders, I only see one line item.
I suppose only one of these line items is the good one, but how can I know which one is good in the table?
They looks the same except the line_item_id field which is different.

Posted: Mar 22, 2013

Different options, same price


i tried to create an option set, as in other tutorials explained (like line item), to add different eg. sizes to a t-shirt, that all coast the same and have no need of an additional image or sku.

The problem with the line item:
All additional fields in the line item are set fix to a connected product, so the client cannot decide eg. different sizes are available (for the same price).

Posted: Dec 7, 2012

Editable attributes in cart view?

How would I go about placing editable attributes in the cart view?

Once a users selects the products attribute (small, medium or large), I can get the attribute they select to display in the Shopping Cart (or cart view). How would I go about giving a user the ability to change that attribute from within the Shopping Cart (or cart view) so they don't have to return to the Product Display select a new attribute then add to cart again? The goal is to allow a user to change their product attributes from within their shopping cart.
Any Suggestions?

Posted: Dec 4, 2012

Manipulation customer profiles programmatically

Hi. I need to create customer profiles (billing information) when the checkout process begins. It's a requirement of my project: there is no billing information panel on the checkout process, we'll be using the user profile to build it programmatically.

I've a addressfield on the User entity and I want to use this data instead of showing a panel everytime a purchase is made. How can I do this? I've search a lot for some documentation, tips or more but I can't find how can I associate the recently created billing information with the order.

Posted: Oct 26, 2012
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