Different options, same price


i tried to create an option set, as in other tutorials explained (like line item), to add different eg. sizes to a t-shirt, that all coast the same and have no need of an additional image or sku.

The problem with the line item:
All additional fields in the line item are set fix to a connected product, so the client cannot decide eg. different sizes are available (for the same price).

Is there a way to create a product variation where one can decide in the back end if the variation contains fixed values that are not influencing the price? Or maybe enable/disable dynamically line item fields when creating a product?


Posted: Dec 7, 2012


torq on December 17, 2012

In my experience, any "option" needs to be declared in the product so it is a part of the "add to cart" form, consistent things can be declared on the product display. So, sizes for example would be different products, which means different SKUs. In a "normal" scenario, you don't have generic t-shirts sitting around, and when someone orders one, you turn it into a size large, or a size medium. They start off as those sizes, each unique item gets a unique SKU.

If you choose not to do it this way, you could add a select list to the product display. But when viewing orders you probably won't see the value of that field. But, when you view an order that display is created by a view, which you can edit. So, you could explore using a relationship to get from line item to the product display, but I don't think it would be an easy path because there is a step in between, the product itself.