ADD ORDER screen nightmare for CSRs

How can I change the backoffice "Add ORDER" screen? We have customer service reps and a lot of our orders are placed by them through the backoffice over the phone with customers. Previously we used UBERCART and it was a very nice one page add order screen- where they could lookup customers based on name or email and associate their customer number and shipping info with the new order- adn then quickly search by name/sku to add products and process credit cards.

Posted: May 29, 2014

Checkout form validation: alter the value of a commerce customer profile

In my checkout form, I have 2 customer profiles: billing (default) and shipping (from commerce shipping module).

Basically, I need to emulate the commerce_shipping 7.x-1 option "copy shipping information from billing", but i need to do that manually in a validation function (the values depends from few factors).

so: how to change the values of a customer_profile address field in the validation function?

My code:

Posted: Nov 6, 2012

Manipulation customer profiles programmatically

Hi. I need to create customer profiles (billing information) when the checkout process begins. It's a requirement of my project: there is no billing information panel on the checkout process, we'll be using the user profile to build it programmatically.

I've a addressfield on the User entity and I want to use this data instead of showing a panel everytime a purchase is made. How can I do this? I've search a lot for some documentation, tips or more but I can't find how can I associate the recently created billing information with the order.

Posted: Oct 26, 2012
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