Editable attributes in cart view?

How would I go about placing editable attributes in the cart view?

Once a users selects the products attribute (small, medium or large), I can get the attribute they select to display in the Shopping Cart (or cart view). How would I go about giving a user the ability to change that attribute from within the Shopping Cart (or cart view) so they don't have to return to the Product Display select a new attribute then add to cart again? The goal is to allow a user to change their product attributes from within their shopping cart.
Any Suggestions?

Posted: Dec 4, 2012


DrupalAbility on December 5, 2012


You can simply modify the cart view itself by adding that attribute field. It should be available as a line item. One thing I am not sure about is if changing an attribute changes the price. This might be tricky. Finally, this might make your cart look a little crowded and ugly. I doubt it is very often that a user would not know their size or preference before adding an item to the cart. Hope this helps. Cheers Kevin

dono1 on December 5, 2012

I appreciate the comment. I have the attributes displaying in the cart already as Commerce Product Attributes module provides it for us.
I'm looking to streamline the checkout process with minimal clicks. As of right now, if a user needed to adjust any type of attribute, they have to return to product, update the attribute, add to cart, then delete the old item from cart as it isn't directly editable. Extra steps a user shouldn't be required to take. Allowing a user to make one click from within the shopping cart is the goal. I'd like to learn how to trigger the cart form edit from within the shopping cart view itself.
I've found an issue in the Drupal Commerce Issue queue where it is discussed and I believe it has been committed: http://drupal.org/node/1211278
For some reason I am unable to translate this into a working process.
Any thoughts?