No Option To Manually Add A File License...

I have several file download orders from anonymous users that were processed by PayPal but never cleared the shopping cart phase into an actual order.

If I simply change the order status from "Shopping Cart" to "Pending", the shopping cart is moved into the Orders tab, but the license is not granted.

When I go to admin/commerce/licenses

I don't see any option to grant file licenses manually. Did I miss a setting in configuration somewhere?

Posted: Sep 24, 2014

Different Checkout for Different Product types

I sell files using Commerce File and would like to additionally sell physical products. Files are my main focus, so I do not want users who only want to purchase a file to be forced to enter a bunch of shipping data. Is there a convenient way to have products which require shipping to have a checkout page that allows them to input this data while not forcing digital purchasers to enter this information?

I'm new to Drupal and Commerce so this may be simple and I'm just overlooking it.


Posted: Feb 3, 2013

question: IMCE file browser and commerce file / private file system

I searched for quite some time for this and couldn't find anything.

I want to use IMCE to browse the private folder (and sub folders i have created) to find my files to upload for commerce file field.

When i open the IMCE file browser within a product for the Commerce File field, i do not see any of the files i uploaded.

Any advice?

Posted: Sep 11, 2012
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