No Option To Manually Add A File License...

I have several file download orders from anonymous users that were processed by PayPal but never cleared the shopping cart phase into an actual order.

If I simply change the order status from "Shopping Cart" to "Pending", the shopping cart is moved into the Orders tab, but the license is not granted.

When I go to admin/commerce/licenses

I don't see any option to grant file licenses manually. Did I miss a setting in configuration somewhere?

I will definitely need the option to grant file licenses manually, particularly since I need to honor past purchases from our D6/Ubercart iteration.

Commerce File 7.x-2.0-beta3
Commerce License 7.x-1.3

Posted: Sep 24, 2014


svn7svn on September 25, 2014

if I try the instructions given here - https://www.drupal.org/comment/reply/1899328#comment-form

I have the following problems -

Importing the rule based on the exported code on page above I get the flowing error message

"Integrity check for the imported configuration failed. Error message: Unknown action commerce_file_license_issue_order.."

If I try to create the rule through the "Add new rule"

Events -
After updating an existing commerce order
After saving a new commerce order

Conditions -

Actions -
I see no option for "Commerce File License > Issue licenses for files in the order"

I only have "Commerce License > Activate licenses of the provided order"

Part 2 -

When I try to modify my orders view, after "Add a field to your view: Bulk operations: Commerce Order"

I don't see the option to select "Retroactively grant file licenses" under "Selected bulk operations"