Ticketing & Registration

Ticketing & Event Registration is a broad and varied way of describing the various ways that Drupal Commerce can sell and manage things like event registrations, tickets, and the like. In fact, there are numerous approaches that you can use to achieve the goal of "selling tickets".

Note: If you are using a CRM module suite within Drupal such as CRM Core, Redhen, or CiviCRM (which have their own way of handling registrations, ticketing, memberships, etc.) they may support paid registration with an integration. CRM Core supports this directly, Redhen has a corresponding Commerce integration, as does CiviCRM. You may find that an integration with your CRM system of choice is far more useful than any of the individual solutions below.

Run a Conference with COD: Conference Organizing Distribution

If you are wanting a drop-in solution to manage a conference, COD provides a useful distribution that can power an entire conference or single event site. COD uses Drupal Commerce for payments and products.

COD is the Conference Organizing Distribution, used for building conference and event sites online. COD is built on Drupal, the highly-regarded open source content management system.
You can find more info at the project site and on the distribution page.

Using Entity Registration

The Entity Registration module provides a way to capture and store registration information in Drupal. It allows you to define types of registrations as well as events that can be registered against. Out of the box, it doesn't provide a means of selling registrations, but there are two modules that can help you accomplish that, depending on the user experience you want.

Registration Commerce

Registration Commerce provides a mechanism for adding a regular registration entity to the cart and then checking out with it. Once checkout has completed, the status of the registration is updated accordingly. If you want to have registrations exist before checkout, this is the solution you want.

Commerce Registration

Comparatively, Commerce Registration adds a type of registration to the cart and during checkout, information about the registration is entered. The registration entity isn't created until the order has been checked out. If you want a registration entity to be created during checkout, this is the solution you want.

Ticketing & Reservations

Ticketing differs from registration in that a while a registration is always personal, a ticket can be completely anonymous. Tickets can be used as a way to gain access to an event and tied to a person, but they also could be used in a generic sense and not be tied to a particular individual. Tickets also have a much wider range of usage scenarios especially since many tickets now come with 1D and 2D barcodes, can be delivered to mobile devices, sent via the mail, or printed at home. Tickets may also include a serial number or some other piece of information that could identify them with a 3rd party system. Some ticking solutions also have different classes of tickets and pricing based on the class of ticket. There are also tickets linked to a particular time or event and some are even linked to a particular section or seat. Below is a description of existing Drupal Commerce-related ticketing solutions.


Drupal Rooms is a booking and room management solution for hotels, vacation rentals and B&Bs.

It allows an accommodation owner to:

  • Create rooms and assign availability (or on hold states) via a calendar.
  • Manage pricing for rooms using calendars that allow to set pricing for entire seasons or just change it for specific dates.
  • Define optional add-ons for rooms.
  • Charge either per-night or per-person.
  • ... and more ...

Commerce Webform

Another option you can look at is Commerce Webform. This module was created by Deeson. You can check out a demo of it on their blog post. Effectively, it provides an alternative for displaying any Webform component and ties it into an order. So if you've used Webforms in the past for registration and now you want to tie that directly to products, this module would world for you. When an order gets paid the Webform submission gets updated and links to the order.

Commerce Tickets

Info on Commerce Tickets coming soon...

Commerce Booking

Info on Commerce Booking coming soon...

Commerce Event Ticketing

Info on Commerce Event Ticket coming soon...