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Enhanced Checkout Progress Indicator

I am working on a conference website that require user to create an account before being able to register their name, meal preference and their membership type ($50 for member and $80 for non member). I was able to make use of the webform and commerce webform modules to create the registration form which added "Add to Cart" button replacing the original webform submit button.

However, I would like to be able to present the sequence similar to the Checkout Progress Indicator to highlight the following steps:
1. Create account or login
2. Registration form (webform and commerce webform)
3. Checkout
4. Review Order
5. Checkout Complete
6. Select the sessions that they wish to attend (custom form with a few select list for the user to choose... only after they have paid for the conference.)

I am thinking of doing something like the checkout_page_example and the checkout_pane_example to embed steps 1, 2, and 6. Is this feasible? Would like to hear any feedback or any better alternatives to achieve this.

I did tried the registration and commerce_registration but did not seem to be able to customize to what I need at this time. Will definitely look at those modules again when time permit.

Asked by: binarycubes
on June 9, 2012

2 Answers

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People are pretty smart :) I would create a rule that fires when they start to checkout for anonymous users that says, "We need you to _create an account_ before checking out."

Why not sell a user role and then use the flag module to let them "build" their conference schedule?

If you haven't heard, there's a GREAT installation profile called "COD" built on Drupal that all Drupalcons use.



Josh Miller
Answer by: Josh Miller
Posted: Jun 19, 2012
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The COD installation is only fully available in Drupal 6 and is not compatible with Drupalcommerce. I am using some parts of the COD support modules (Drupal 7), and customizing the rest. The flag module may work.

Although Commerce webform was simple to use, I decided to create my own registration form based on the commerce_order example. This provide me with more flexibility to control the process flow.

I am still using the commerce webform for other things such as membership signup on the same website. The conference is just one product on the site.

I was able to show the "Register" step alongside the "Checkout" and "Checkout complete", but I think I need some kind of "context" so that if checking out with membership the first step should show the Membership signup form ... need to explore further.

p.s. I only allow one item checkout at a time.

Answer by: binarycubes
Posted: Jun 21, 2012