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Question about Multiples of a similar Product

I'm trying to create a method to sell tickets online.

Currently I have 1 product. A "Dinner Theatre Table". It has 8 stock, representing the 8 seats around it. The idea is, You buy a SEAT at a specific table. The specific seat doesn't matter (you can sit at any seat you want, as long as it's at your table).

So I have created 4 tables. Table A, B, C, and D. Each with a stock of 8.
(4 products with 8 stock a piece)


The show takes place over 4 nights. I've created a display node for each of 4 nights, and added each table to each night.

IS it possible to have different stock counts for that product on each night? Or do I have to create one table PER night. (i.e. Table A night 1, Table B night 1, Table A night 2, etc...)

With 20 tables over a period of 6 nights, I don't want to have to create 150 products if I don't HAVE to (and that's just for 1 show).

ANY help is appreciated.

Asked by: crooker
on November 25, 2013

2 Answers