Stock & Inventory

Simple inventory

Commerce Stock provides a simple, integer field on products as well as rules for enabling or disabling products.

  • A rule and action for enabling and disabling the add to cart form.
  • A rule and action for validating stock for the add to cart button action.
  • A rule for checking the cart form submit, also used for checkout submit and review submit.
  • A new checkout pane placed in the first step of checkout: stops the user from accessing checkout if order contains out of stock items
  • Supports Decimal stock.
  • Works with Inline Entity Form module.
  • Advance configuration of the add to cart button action for even more control
  • Commerce Stock field formatter for converting stock levels into text messages.

Third party integrations

Here is a brief listing of modules that integrate with ERP systems and report to do stock sync:

Using feeds

You can use feeds to modify the fields and with tamper, you may be able to made delta changes.

Back in stock notifications

Commerce Stock Notifications creates a rule action that allows a configured e-mail template to go out when stock is updated.

Matt Tarsi wrote up his approach to handling tracking numbers.