Shipping Notifications with Commerce Shipment

Commerce Shipment provides the ability to add one or more shipments to an order by way of the order edit page. And now, with a Message integration, you can send off shipment notification emails.

Commerce Shipment Message (included in Commerce Shipment) adds the following items:

  1. Shipment notification Message type (commerce_shipment_tracking_number_notification)
  2. Rule for creating the message (commerce_message_commerce_order_message_shipment_notification)
  3. View for displaying tracking numbers (commerce_shipment_message_order_summary)
  4. A token for inserting the tracking numbers view (!order-tracking-numbers)

To set it up, just turn on the module and then customize the message to your liking.

The rule watches for the order update event. Whenever a new shipment is created, the order's commerce_shipments field will be updated. When this field changes, a shipping notification will be created and sent to the owner of the order.

Use the !order-tracking-numbers token in your message to insert the tracking numbers. See the sample message value for an example.

Without a module

Matt Tarsi wrote up his approach to handling tracking numbers.

Automatically add shipping to an order

If you want to add shipping to an order, you can take a look at this rule export that came from this issue. You can tweak the rule to add shipping at any point if you want, but it gives a good example. Using this rule and moving the disabling the shipping pane will allow you to automatically add shipping and bypass the shipping method selection step.

Hide price on methods with no cost

For an example of how to hide the price on free shipping methods, check out this sandbox written by sin.