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recomendations for ticketing

I’m new to Commerce from Ubercart and I’m looking for a recommendations on how to best set up our Ticket Sales. Our events are not recurring, but can have one or more of several different ticket types (Member, Student, Military, General Admission, etc.) and each type has a different price. We do have a total ticket availability, but it is not dependent on ticket type. Right now we have each event/type combination as its own product because we thought a product could only have one price. Now i think I see a Commerce Pricing Attributes mod that may take care of that, but I’m still not sure it's the right way to go. As it is, I cannot control the stock at the event level, only at event/ticket level which really doesn’t work for us. Any recommendations would be appreciated.


Asked by: summer
on March 21, 2013

1 Answer