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I need to skip empty Checkout Pages

My site has a mix of product types, one of which uses Commerce Registration. This adds a Registration Checkout Page during the checkout process in order to display the registration form.

But if there is not Registration Product in the cart, and the user instead adds a standard product, the Registration checkout page still shows, its just empty with "no registration information needed" message and a continue button.

This is undesirable and confusing for a user. If the checkout page is empty, it should be skipped, or having the ability to skip a page via a rule. For instance if cart contains a standard product, skip registration checkout page.

I am using Commerce Extra Rules as well, which allows me to hide checkout panes in rules. This has been helpful since I can remove undesired stuff like coupons and shipping panes when a user adds a Donation Product to their cart. But they still see the Registration Checkout Page which I can't see a way around it.

Asked by: Travis
on January 30, 2014

1 Answer

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It's possible that Rules link event (https://drupal.org/project/rules_linkevent) might help but you'd probably get a better response in the Registration Checkout issue que.

I don't use that module but they must be adding a rule or modifying one of your rules, could you edit that to show only under certain circumstances?

Answer by: robertem
Posted: Feb 4, 2014