Selling memberships usually involves selling a role with Commerce License and then configuring the membership around the role. Different membership levels can be achieved by selling several roles.

Wholesale Discount Member Pricing

If you are wanting to apply a fixed dollar or percentage discount to every product in the store for members, you can accomplish that with standard pricing rules and adding an additional condition which ensures the current user is a member of a specific role.

Product Specific Pricing

If your products need to have specific pricing assigned to them for members, you can create one or more fields and use rules to set the price based on that field and role. Example: A product has a price of $20, but I want to offer this product for $7.50 to users who have the role "member". Create a new field called "member_price" in which the member price ($7.50) goes and then create a rule that pull the price from this field. (This solution doesn't scale, though, for user-specific pricing.)