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Complex shipping Calculation peyrusse Feb 2, 3pm 2 (pushka)
Commerce order not storing line item Pfriedo Nov 21, 3pm 1 (nickvw)
Flat rate shipping method not displaying Pfriedo Aug 22, 10am 8 (corbin)
Altering checkout form text Pfriedo Jan 17, 10am 2 (Randy Fay)
[Fancy Attributes] Thumbnails of product images instead of color boxes tenuis Jun 8, 1am 3 (mikeaja)
Order NOT submitted when Paypal's selected as Payment method Philben Feb 16, 6pm 3 (lmatthews)
Site performance suggestion, please! Philben Dec 31, 8am 14 (Sagar J)
custom the display of my product philippe3441 Oct 16, 5pm 1 (CptAnt)
thumbnail like the kicksart example philippe3441 May 13, 5pm 1 (CptAnt)
Quicktabs module philippe3441 Nov 28, 8am 1 (CptAnt)
taxonomy description philippe3441 May 10, 7am 1 (Banzai)
Allowing users to add products phillbd Feb 19, 6am 5 (Guille-P)
Rules to create/delete a corresponding Product Display upon create/delete Product phillbd May 14, 1pm 13 (luthien)
Can not manage to display currency symbol instead of code -or- can I just remove the currency portion of the price photoboy Apr 15, 6pm 10 (Lesto09)
add additional order status? photoboy May 31, 3am 2 (spacereactor)
Does Commerce include... pier Sep 2, 4am 4 (pier)
What is the most popular credit card method in UK? pinkonomy Oct 24, 2pm 4 (veganline)
Rules and product fields, please help pitxels Apr 6, 1pm 2 (pitxels)
Show fields to billing information when a Checkbox is selected. pit_zavra Jan 18, 8pm 1 (pit_zavra)
newsletter and drupal commerce pit_zavra Feb 4, 4pm 5 (frizi)
Installments pit_zavra Jan 19, 8pm 8 (oz_an)
Importing from poorly generated data feeds in CSV format pixel8 Mar 1, 3pm 3 (pixel8)
Agree to terms checkbox before adding to cart? pkchoo Sep 3, 12am 2 (pkchoo)
Best way to approach individual bottles and cases of wine sales? pkchoo Sep 22, 1pm 2 (waltercat)
How do I set a shipping rule to ignore one product type in the order count? pkchoo May 14, 9am 4 (nirmal.sharma)
Discount does not count the entire cart quantity pkchoo Jun 1, 2pm 3 (Ryan Szrama)
Testing Guidelines plainprogrammer Jan 25, 5pm 1 (Ryan Szrama)
Messages inside checkout form pmelab Dec 21, 9am 1 (Randy Fay)
How do I convert products to a different type? PN Nov 19, 11am 1 (Angela S)
How do I set the order number? PN Sep 16, 6pm 2 (PN)
Edit admin theme Pol Maresma Apr 22, 6pm 5 (jdflorez)
Limit shipping destinations Pol Maresma Feb 20, 12pm 1 (Tosho)
Cart dissapears for anonymous when adding a product referenced field Pol Maresma May 17, 8am 1 (Pol Maresma)
Quantity Discount Rule pooon Sep 22, 2am 3 (pooon)
Quanity boxes per size pooon Sep 18, 1am 2 (pooon)
Selling Numbers pooon Jun 26, 3pm 1 (pooon)
Addon with checkbox pooon Oct 21, 3pm 1 (pooon)
Cloud Zoom hide thumbnail if only one image pooon Nov 14, 12pm 4 (Peter Marse)
Variations on node page pooon Sep 1, 8pm 1 (pooon)
Automatic add to cart Preston McMurry Jun 4, 3pm 1 (Preston McMurry)
How to divide your main page by Category? Louis Preston Thornton Aug 12, 2am 1 (realskorpion)
How to create a Product Catalog in Commerce Kickstart 2 Louis Preston Thornton Aug 4, 10am 1 (Louis Preston Thornton)
How to at Select List Size to product or product display? Louis Preston Thornton Jan 2, 5pm 1 (alexanansi)
Images and the Slideshow Module in Kickstart Louis Preston Thornton Sep 1, 9am 1 (stephenkrall)
Set price when creating a product via commerce_product_save($product)? Prince Manfred Sep 22, 8am 3 (Randy Fay)
Show order state on when looking at previously placed orders Prince Manfred Aug 27, 11pm 8 (David Parrott)
Shipping rate not in the correct sequence in order review propje Mar 12, 3pm 2 (remus1)
a separate basket for a different type of product prorokxp Oct 3, 7pm 1 (prorokxp)
How to hide the label "Title" for products? PS1911 Jan 24, 9pm 11 (elpino)
Customers & Users Psy May 10, 1am 7 (matt2000)


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