Commerce order not storing line item


I'm not getting any errors in the log, but at some point during the checkout process (likely at payment redirect) all of the line items are being dropped, so that orders aren't being saved with any products. Price totals and everything else is being saved properly, it's just the line items.

Has anyone come across this before? Any idea what might cause it?

Posted: Apr 4, 2012


nickvw on November 21, 2012

Unfortunately getting the same behavior. Cart / checkout process all looks fine (correct line items, correct totals), until payment is processed, then the line items are all removed. Payment is still processed, but there is nothing in the order. The balance becomes negative (since payment was collected but there were no line items). I'm using Authorize.net as the gateway and am adding the product line items programmatically following the instructions here: http://commerceguys.com/blog/creating-orders-drupal-commerce-api

What could this be? I have tried disabling the 'remove line items for disabled products rule' (my products are enabled anyway), with no luck.