What are the best themes for Commerce sites?

Currently, there are no themes providing specific styling for Commerce components. This should change in the coming months, as selling themes specifically for e-commerce usage has always been very popular in the premium Drupal theme market. Additionally, expect some contributed themes and base themes to take into consideration styling product pages, the checkout form, etc. Right now, Drupal 7 theming is really just getting started.

The demo site uses the Corolla theme slightly modified to better size and position elements of product display nodes and teasers. We'll update this FAQ with a list of recommended themes as more become available.


hgurol on December 23, 2011

He is referring to the slightly modified Corolla theme.

Im interested in that as well, if it becomes available.

TM on January 18, 2013

Hey guys!

Just a quick heads up about TemplateMonster's new theme that supports the Commerce module - Free Drupal Commerce Theme for a Furniture Store.

Check it out:

Features include:
- responsive design;
- Localization packs (currency + languages);
- Ajax-powered page functionality;
- Compatible with Drupal 7 core.
- etc.

View demo:

Really love some feedback on the design and features!