How do I import products?

There is no one solution for importing product data at this point. The most developed solution at this point is to use the Commerce Feeds module, which integrates with the Feeds module to import products in a variety of formats and created product displays for them. While there is no Commerce specific integration for the Migrate module, it is another project to watch as a possible solution.

When importing products to Drupal Commerce, it's important to remember that you have to import both the product definition and then connect that product to a display node (or some other display) for sale. See How do I display products for sale? for more information on why you have to do this. The good thing about the Commerce Product architecture is that once you have created a product display, you will not have to update it each time you update product data.

Users and developers interested in product import should keep an eye on the forums where import strategies are currently being discussed in this thread and others. We'll update this page as more information and contributed modules become available.


Frank W. HH Frank W. HH-Germany on September 24, 2013

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I'm not sure if my last post was also published.
Therefore, talk with a link to forum.
Here I also can insert the images.
Hi, I have read a lot and tried a lot.

So far I could only successfully import taxonomy terms and products.

The products are then displayed on the page of / admin / commerce / products / variations.

The CSV file consists of several columns (see Appendix).

I first created a Produktnode and product variation and this provided with matching taxonomy terms.

Well at first I wanted to import the existing product by adding two more variations to test the import behavior.

This unfortunately did not work. It generates its own Produktnode was always there for each product variant.

Also, the ability to import directly from the product page (Attach to content type) did not lead to the desired result. The following settings are possible:
Use standalone form
ad push
product presentation
Basic Page
Blog Post
Locksmiths Hamburg

Where is the mistake?
Is it even possible to create product variations using taxonomy terms?
If so, where can I get the configuration error? Screenshots attached.
Which assignments must be set in the map when Nodeprocessor and which options to choose?
How can I tell Drupal:
Hey, the Imported products are a variant of Productnode "X" category.

The goal is a Produktnode with approximately 170000 variations in 8 categories.

In Commerce Product processor I have the following mappings in the map: