What are order states?

Order states represent major steps in the life of an order. Each state contains one or more statuses with one designated as the default status for that state. When you use Rules or the API to update the state of an order, you are actually updating the order status to the default status of the designated state.

By default, Drupal Commerce defines the states and statuses listed below, with the default appearing first in each list. Note that some of the default states only include a single status. You can add additional states and statuses as necessary to your site via the order info hooks.

  • Canceled:
    • Canceled
  • Shopping cart:
    • Shopping cart
  • Checkout: (includes one status for each checkout page)
    • Checkout: Checkout
    • Checkout: Review
    • Checkout: Payment (indicating the customer has been redirected for payment)
    • Checkout: Complete
  • Pending:
    • Pending
    • Processing
  • Completed:
    • Completed