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Freaky template behaviour


I'm probably about to lose a job I've been working on for weeks if I don't get this sorted... yet it seems so trivial.

I made a straight copy of commerce_kickstart_theme

dropped into sites/all/themes renamed everything and it works perfectly

styled it all up - client very happy except for an odd layout glitch on any node I choose to have as the home page.

"It'll be nothing" I said 10 days ago, thinking it was nothing.

Eventually I find out through placing some flags in region--content.tpl.php in the profiles>commerce_kickstart>omega>omega>templates folder that region--content.tpl.php is NOT being rendered on my home page.

If I switch theme to commerce-kickstart it is. If I switch to omega is it. If I generate a new subtheme based on Omega Kickstart 7.x-3.0 it is (but it looks nothing like the nice t-shirty site I modified). If I make a COPY of the nice t-shirty demo site and modify the name - it breaks and skips region--content.tpl.php on the home page.

This site is all but complete but the layout of the home page is screwed because of the skipping template.

Any idea what's going on - I've been staring at this for days without a clue.

many thanks


Asked by: KitchenSync
on May 15, 2013

1 Answer

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If anyone later has a problem with this, the only solution I found (5 minutes ago) is the have a dummy block render in the content region on the <front> page.

Only then will region__content.php render like it does on every other page.

I don't know if this is a bug or not. There are four other blocks rendering in the content region on every page but it's not until this additional block is there that things work properly.

Answer by: KitchenSync
Posted: May 16, 2013