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Hi all!

I am new to drupal commerce and quite happy with the functions!. Got struck with an issue. Created a view that lists the product image, product title, product price, add to cart.

Here in this case, when I tried to link the product image & product title to the respective node, I am not getting any options.. other than Link this title to the admin view.

Please advise.

Posted: Aug 10, 2012

Multiple quantity fields on one product display page


I'm looking for what I guess must be a pretty rare use case for a product display page. The client we're developing this for sells books largely business to business and come in multiple languages.

I have set up three product entities each with a different language selection under a language taxonomy. They've been attached to a product display node and are displaying as expected there, allowing the user to choose what language they want the book to come in and then add to cart with a quantity field.

Posted: Jul 18, 2012

Bestsellers View

Hi guys. Wonder if anybody could help with creating a Bestsellers view.

I'm currently weighing up whether Drupal Commerce is the right eCommerce system for an upcoming project. I use Drupal 7 a lot, and I love it, especially the ease with which you can configure it without having to dive into the code every 5 minutes, but I'm not familiar with Drupal Commerce and its intricacies.

Posted: Jul 11, 2012

View for product display content type with Has taxonomy term ID (with depth) does not show children term nodes

I've created view for displaying product display node type fields and put CONTEXTUAL FILTERS with
Content: Has taxonomy term ID (with depth)
Content: Has taxonomy term ID depth modifier
but when navigating to parent term page nodes from child terms are not displayed it results only with blank page

Also the view does not show result for anonymous user but I resolve this by checking Disable SQL rewriting in Query options.

Posted: Jul 3, 2012


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