Bestsellers View

Hi guys. Wonder if anybody could help with creating a Bestsellers view.

I'm currently weighing up whether Drupal Commerce is the right eCommerce system for an upcoming project. I use Drupal 7 a lot, and I love it, especially the ease with which you can configure it without having to dive into the code every 5 minutes, but I'm not familiar with Drupal Commerce and its intricacies.

The main area of contention at the moment is that the store I am designing needs Recently Added, Bestsellers and Related Product Views, which can be assigned to blocks at different stages of the shopping experience.

I think I can manage to create Recently Added and Related Product views, it's the Bestsellers that I'm struggling with.

Are there any modules out there that provide this kind of functionality? If not is there a way of configuring this kind of view? I've had a quick play around but couldn't find an obvious solution, although I'm aware that the Shoppica theme provides these views so I know it is possible.

My best guess would be to grab the most common products from the complete list of orders, but how to do this in an efficient way using Views is a bit of a struggle for me.

Any help much appreciated.

Posted: Jul 11, 2012


ruralcreative on July 20, 2012

Hi nawi

I am thinking about working around this problem by creating a boolean field on the Product display content type that is simply "Bestseller?" yes / no, then building a view to pull up all products with this checked.

In the long run this may be a better solution, as it gives the merchant full control over what appears in the bestsellers list (although on the downside it is another thing to complicate matters).

I do still think that this is a feature that most other eCommerce systems are bundled with, and as such they should be included with Commerce too.


CosticaPuntaru on May 18, 2013

if you get and enable the php view module it will give you a option to sort it by php code.
to get them orderd you need to order them by the count o items in order list, just count out how many items are in completed orders