Adding product image field to view


I'm using Drupal 7.28 along with the Commerce 7.x-1.9 module

Basically the image and the description fields are both on the Product Type not the content type as each product has its own description and image.

In my view I now need to add the image field, but I can't add it, which I believe is because the field isn't in the content type.

When I add the 'Content: Referenced Products' relationship to the view, I am then able to add the image field to my view.

However now I have added the image field, my view is showing the image for every single product, whereas I just need one image for each product display node. For example, I have added the products 'Round Table', 'Square Table' and 'Rectangle Table'. I have then created a product display node called Oak Table. I just need my view to show one image from the Oak Table node rather than each image from the Products list.

I'd really appreciate any help, thanks v much for reading.

Posted: May 29, 2014