Perform a payment after hanling the checkout process


Is there any way this is possible. I would like to sell services, where it is not certain if people will be free to provide the service. e.g. somebody buys a plumber service, but only if we have an available plumber the service will happen.

Basically, is it possible to not have the payment in the normal checkout process but only later, without having to use a simple bank transfer. So when an administrator says: order OK.


1) User buys a product on the website
2) Administrator assigns an employee
3) Payment is asked/automatically transferred with visa or bank account. Or people are enabled to do a payment on the website with visa or another tool...

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Posted: Mar 4, 2013


r on March 4, 2013

It seems an "Authorization Only" transaction would work for this scenario. The customer provides the credit card info and completes the checkout process as normal; but the card is only "authorized" and no funds are "captured". The administrator can then manually "capture" the funds (usually up to 30 days later) when the service is performed.

guerno on March 5, 2013

Thanks, works well for visa. What if you would work with online banking? E.g. with an online banking module or so, where people then get an invoice where they need to pay later on.