Design pattern for payment gateways

Looks like we need a multicurrency aware design pattern for payment gateways.
Following issue in the Commerce Multicurrency queue contains several reports of problems with payment gateways when using multiple currencies:

In comment 10 I tried to outline a possible "design pattern" payment gateways should follow:

Posted: Apr 4, 2013

Perform a payment after hanling the checkout process


Is there any way this is possible. I would like to sell services, where it is not certain if people will be free to provide the service. e.g. somebody buys a plumber service, but only if we have an available plumber the service will happen.

Basically, is it possible to not have the payment in the normal checkout process but only later, without having to use a simple bank transfer. So when an administrator says: order OK.


Posted: Mar 4, 2013

Can you use Commerce without the Cart/payment processing?

I have a client who is not quite ready for e-commerce, but might be down the road, or perhaps implement an order online bu hold in store for pickup mechanism at the start (ie no online payment). I was wondering if it is possible or advisable to use Commerce for this purpose, simply to use the product creation and display features, but leave Cart and Payment modules disabled, only to enable and configure them at a later date?

Posted: Dec 31, 2012

Invoice a Customer and Have Them Pay Later

Is it possible to invoice a customer and have them pay at another time?

I tried to create an order manually, then assign the user as the Owner of the Order. However, when I go to the Payment tab to pay, only Example Payment shows up, even though I have the PayPal module installed and working at checkout.

I don't really need the customer to go to checkout, if they can just pay from the Payment tab, that would be great... but it is also okay if they go to checkout.

Posted: Jun 4, 2012
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