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I have been using Drupal 6 with Ubercart 2 for an e-commerce website I built.
I am re-creating the site using Drupal 7 with Drupal Commerce. The payment
gateway used will still be Sage Payment Solutions. This module, in the
"7.x-1.x-dev" version is still requiring "Uc_payment" and "Uc_credit".

I emailed the developer of the module asking, "how can I enable it to work with Drupal Commerce without these requirements?" The answer I got was, "We developed the Sage payment module to only work with Ubercart."

Posted: May 26, 2013

Design pattern for payment gateways

Looks like we need a multicurrency aware design pattern for payment gateways.
Following issue in the Commerce Multicurrency queue contains several reports of problems with payment gateways when using multiple currencies:

In comment 10 I tried to outline a possible "design pattern" payment gateways should follow:

Posted: Apr 4, 2013

Which Payment Gateways for India, Italy, Japan, Denmark, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Singapore


I am about to start a very large Drupal Commerce project which will have coverage across several global regions. Each region will need to reflect local preferences for payment gateways.

Whilst my preferred gateway for UK is SagePay I have little knowledge in the regions this project will cover

United Arab Emirates

Posted: Nov 2, 2012
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