VAT - switching on off depending on user preferance


I am wondering if anyone has made it possible for customers to switch on/off different taxes.

For example where i live (sweden) companies should see prices excluded VAT and then the vat is added on the final price like a sales tax.

But consumers should see the prices with VAT included.

And i would like to have a block where the custom can switch the modes on/off.

Im using the VAT module right now and any help on how to tweak is appreciated.

Posted: Dec 3, 2012


drupalability on December 3, 2012

Hi Strutsagget

How does your site detemine which customer type is using it? This is how I would solve your issue:

1. Create two user roles types... business / individual
2. Create two view types
3. Display the appropriate view to the user filtered by role type

Good luck! Kevin