cart and review: show "Price" without VAT

Hi all. I have installaed commerce from scratch (no kickstart). Version 1.4. Installed VAT and all works.

Now I need to display (in the review order) the price and the total without VAT. In this moment I see product price with vat in Price and in Total columns. Below I see subtotal (price without vat), vat and the correct total ( see the attached image )

But this is not correct to see (for me and my client). Price and total (in each raw) must be without var OR I need to display a column with VAT amount.

Posted: Jan 2, 2013

VAT - switching on off depending on user preferance


I am wondering if anyone has made it possible for customers to switch on/off different taxes.

For example where i live (sweden) companies should see prices excluded VAT and then the vat is added on the final price like a sales tax.

But consumers should see the prices with VAT included.

And i would like to have a block where the custom can switch the modes on/off.

Im using the VAT module right now and any help on how to tweak is appreciated.

Posted: Dec 3, 2012
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