it is possible to build a marketplace with drupal commerce?

How I can buil a marketplace wit hdrupal commerce?
I mean wot build multiple ecommerce sites in one, like using drupal+ubercart+marketplace ( http://drupal.org/project/ubercart_marketplace ). It is possible by default, or I need a module or what?

Posted: Jul 19, 2010


Ryan Ryan Szrama on July 21, 2010

You'll definitely need some additional configuration, but whether that ends up being an extra module or not remains to be seen. If you don't mind me flipping the question around to you, what sort of features would you suppose you'd need to enable user to user sales?

Kaz (not verified) on July 24, 2010

Yes I also need marketplace function for DrupalCommerce. And also need its commercial support service.
I need multi-lingual, multi-tenants EC site. And am wondering which is better, Drupal+Magento or Drupal+Ubercart+Ubercart_Marketplace. But since Drupal7+DrupalCommerce will be more multi-lingual friendly, it should be the best solution for me.

inmystock (not verified) on January 7, 2011

I need a social marketplace module on top of drupalcommerce. I am trying to develop for my website inmystock.com, where Multiple buyer and seller interact in a social social marketplace.

Fiable.biz on January 21, 2011

Mongolia, city of Precious (Эрдэнэт).

As far as Fiable.biz is concerned, our present requirements are described in Übercart's website, except that yesterday (the time of my post on Übercart website) I didn't know the existence of Drupal commerce so, instead of being compatible with Übercart, the wished module can be compatible with Drupal commerce.

Simon (not verified) on January 27, 2011

Hey Ryan, Im currently working on a project that pretty much hinges on the "marketplace" functionality being discussed here.

Why hasnt this alreay been done!?! :-)

Id like to discuss if I can help bring this concept to fruition but I dont really know where to start.

Is it possible to get directly in touch with me to see whats viable?

Many Thanks,Simon

johnm on January 14, 2011

1) dynamic payment options using multiple seller merchant account/credit card or PayPal information

2) option of buyer/seller identity cloaking (name/email) to force going thru site anonymously

3) database schema structured to have sensitive data grouped separately (e.g. merchant account/credit card data) to make encryption easier for security/PCI compliance using something like Gazzang for MySQL

4) catalog item/product creation/maintenance owned by groups/individuals

5) easy addition of product attributes

6) powerful search including product attributes...

Stomper on January 15, 2011

Can UC Marketplace be ported to Drupal Commerce? Additionally, will UC modules be able to used in conjunction with DC?

Another possibly premature question, if a marketplace is developed for DC that is based off of UC Marketplace, will users transitioning from UC to DC have to completely rebuild or will it be a relatively straightforward switch?

In terms of my marketplace needs. I several requirements.

1) feedback module with payment based permissions
2) buyer/seller question block displayed on product page
3) store entity - single or multi member, perhaps organic group based
4) escrow service - paid or free, website acts a intermediary

I am really looking for a D7 marketplace option.

Dainis (not verified) on January 19, 2011

Like all previous, I am looking forward for this type of module :)
If it is possible I can be one of sponsor for commerce marketplace module. If drupalcommerce.com developers need my help, please contact me. :)

Bumathan on January 24, 2011

I'd like to have a multiple vendors solution in Drupal Commerce.

Marketplace could be something good but I'd like to create my website on D7. I really need quite the same thing and I 'd be glad to do it with the Commerce module.

Each seller can add his products to the store, and the store owner pays the sellers at the end of the month.

Regarding the payment, there's another thread discussing about a new payment mechanism on Ubercart MarketPlace. Could be good to add to Commerce for those who don't want to use Masspay but a pro banking solution :-)


I also don't want to use paypal masspay to pay the sellers. It is a barrier for new sellers with no paypal account.
I want sellers on my marketplace to sell digital products in a pricerange between 5 and 30 Euros.

The scenario would be Buyer => Marketplace => Seller

The Buyer pays with Creditcard or whatever to the Marketplace.
To avoid to much hassle with thirdparty paymentsystems I would like to export the sellers billingdetails in a file in a given time-period (monthly, weekly ...).

Then I could import this data into my banking-software to transfer the money to the sellers.
There are several common formats for online masspayment wich are implemented in banking software. In Germany we use a format called DTAUS.
After this export, the balance in the sellers account has to be reset.

The export-file should contain:

Name of the seller
Name of the bank
Nr. of the bank (in Germany BLZ), otherwise IBAN/BIC
Amount of money to pay to the seller excluding the fees for the marketplace-owner.
Description (for example: Name of the Marketplace plus billing cycle)

Bumathan on January 25, 2011

Further Requirements :-)

- Ability to send an invoice to each seller.

- Ability to split the shipping fees between multiple sellers. (if a customer orders from multiple sellers at a time). Multidrop shippping ?

johnm on January 27, 2011


In my view each Catalog Item should have 1 base price with 1 base currency. The Shopping Cart would be displayed in a user selected language and currency.

The displayed price would be calculated real-time by converting the base price from the base currency to the display currency.

cart language = english
cart currency = USD
USD/Euro real-time FX rate = 0.743
USD/GBP real-time FX rate = 0.629
item-1 base price/currency = 74.3 Euro
item-2 base price/currency = 62.9 GBP
item-1 display price/currency = 100 USD
item-2 display price/currency = 100 USD
How does Drupal Commerce work?

amirtaiar on May 28, 2011

I have read all the thread and didn't really understand the ststus of the request.
Is there ant near future for porting ubercart marketplace or creating a new one?

Thank you for all

Donald Harper on January 11, 2012

I would like an update on how to setup a marketplace where users can sell goods or buy goods.
I saw a post with some videos, but it was quite old.

I would like to use drupal 7 rather than drupal 6 and ubercart marketplace.

Any assistance or ideas welcome. If you know someone that has setup drupal commerce as a marketplace and they would be able to do it again - paid - please let me know.

sebra on March 22, 2013

Not because I am a drupal tech but because the folks who have would have built appear to have no to little interest in doing so. Once i stopped looking for a drupal solution, I came across 3 choices under 200 dollars. ironically, i decided on a `wordpress familly of plugins if you can believe it. i had to pay some money. but the payment fees were exactly what i needed. the transactions are between buyer and seller and i take a fee off the top. i have to say i have surprised i would be turning to wordpress for this community marketplace. i admit to being a little sad, although thought drupal was the go to for community solutions. i still use drupal for 90 percent of my sites, though.

Drupguy1 on June 4, 2013

Hi, I'd love an answer to this question. I really don't want to resort to paying for software to make this happen on my site -- I'd love to set up my marketplace site so that third party sellers can sell to third party buyers, and I take a small percentage off the top, just like ebay (taking a percentage off the top is not 100% necessary, at least not at the moment). Is there a way to do this using, preferably, PayPal Express checkout or another Drupal Commerce-related PayPal module, because I don't want to be responsible for people's credit card information. I know PayPal has things like parallel payments, but I'm not a wiz at coding and don't know how to create a new module that would incorporate this flexibility. Any information would be much appreciated, thank you.

lazyD on December 20, 2013

Guys, does Drupal Commerce have something similar to MP Wallet..
Basically i m looking for below points:
1. Each user has its own wallet that stores his balance and transaction history
2. The wallet is useable for übercart payment method