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Commerce 2.0 alpha1 released

2016 will be the year of Drupal 8 and Commerce 2.x projects.
In order to start tracking our progress towards the first productive ready release (which will be beta1 in early March), we're releasing alpha1 of Commerce 2.0.
Behind the scenes we've also created new releases of several dependencies: inline_entity_form 1.0-alpha3, profile 1.0-alpha1, and state_machine 1.0-beta1.

The first alpha release covers the functionality described in the previous blog posts:
Commerce 2.x Stories: Update
Commerce 2.x Stories: Currencies
Commerce 2.x Stories: Stores
Commerce 2.x Stories: Products
Commerce 2.x Stories: Workflows

There's initial cart functionality, which will be completed and expanded for alpha2. No checkout yet, but you can read about the design process in the recently published Acro media blog post.

Download alpha1 here, then follow the installation instructions in our documentation.
Make sure to use the latest -dev version of Drupal 8, cause 8.0.1 has bugs that affect Commerce.
For the next release we are planning to offer a single Composer command that will fetch Drupal core, Commerce, and all dependent modules and libraries.

Next week we'll publish a roadmap that will cover the next phase of development.

Happy Holidays!

Bojan Zivanovic
Posted: Dec 25, 2015


bander2 on January 4, 2016

Reading the Commerce 2.x Stories has me so jazzed. You guys are moving in the right direction, taking something great and making it even better.

zhilevan on January 12, 2016

Commerce1 was not bad and it need more effort to getting pro in it, customizing its pane and steps really not straightforward,I hope Commerce2 be better than older version.

SkidNCrashwell Gideon Cresswell on January 13, 2016

I cannot wait for the Composer command - that will be a massive timesaver. Looking forward to getting a working version and being one of the first Commerce 2 stores out there!