ADD ORDER screen nightmare for CSRs

How can I change the backoffice "Add ORDER" screen? We have customer service reps and a lot of our orders are placed by them through the backoffice over the phone with customers. Previously we used UBERCART and it was a very nice one page add order screen- where they could lookup customers based on name or email and associate their customer number and shipping info with the new order- adn then quickly search by name/sku to add products and process credit cards. Now it's impossible to add customers quickly to the order and the screen defaults to asking them to enter discount stuff first - they have to select from the drop down box to add a line item- product- wait for it to load- and then find the product etc... ie it's taking WAY to long placing an order on the phone and not efficient at all. How can we customize the backoffice ADD ORDER screen to fit our needs?

Posted: May 29, 2014