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Exploring Drupal Commerce Support Options

As Drupal Developers, you’re likely to run into a few questions when you first crack open Drupal Commerce. There’s something foreign and perhaps a bit scary about building a website that accepts money. The site better be solid, secure, flexible, and (above all) easy to understand.

That’s why we built literally everything in Drupal Commerce on the shoulders of existing technology that Drupal Developers understand: Views, Entities, Fields, etc. That decision doesn’t help you if you don’t understand existing Drupal sites.

So we have an interesting and fantastic problem: we’ve got this great software, but we have more and more questions flooding into drupalcommerce.org about Drupal, about eCommerce stores, about security, and many other topics.

Questions and Answers on drupalcommerce.org

Josh Miller
Posted: Apr 2, 2013

What’s new on DrupalCommerce.org

Well, it’s been a little over 9 months since we launched the new drupalcommerce.org. As most Drupal developers have experienced, our “wishlist” of features continues to be longer than we can invest at any one time. But we’ve been patiently adding and improving on the site since we launched. Today is a special day because we’ve retired our old modules listing and launched a number of new features for our questions & answers tool.

Extensions Listing

We've got all kinds of new features and pretty screenshots to share after the break.

Josh Miller
Posted: Mar 5, 2013

Approaching the first stable release of Commerce Kickstart v2

On September 17th, the first release candidate of Commerce Kickstart v2 was released. This was the first release usable in production, with a guaranteed upgrade path. It allowed us (the product team at Commerce Guys) to receive feedback from developers and users starting new projects on Kickstart, as well as address it as we went along. We've had 3 more release candidates since then, and the first stable release is now closer than ever. Here's what's been keeping us busy.

Stabilizing the included modules

A modern distribution needs to include many modules to satisfy its use cases. During Kickstart development, we improved many of those modules in order to improve their stability and feature set to match Kickstart standards. Dozens of patches were created and submitted to the relevant issue queues.

Still, contrib moves at a different pace than Kickstart itself, which means that many patches couldn't be committed in time for Kickstart RC1. So we shipped the distribution with many -dev releases and many uncommitted patches, which naturally made people nervous.

Jonathan S
Posted: Nov 13, 2012

Drupal Commerce 1.4 Release

Commerce Guys recently hosted a workshop to prepare the roadmap for Drupal Commerce 2.x on Drupal 8. During the week, we spent a bit of time reviewing and committing the final patches needed to release Drupal Commerce 1.4. The new version is a maintenance release incorporating 87 patches from 40 different contributors around the world - I love it! These patches add a variety of new features to the core of Drupal Commerce and make it more performant and suited to international usage.

I've summarized the key changes in this post. The full list of changes and update instructions can be found in the release notes on drupal.org.

New features

The Add to Cart form and checkout form have both seen improvements. Most notable on the checkout form is the new setting to allow copying of fields from one customer profile to another. This feature was a part of the Commerce Shipping module but was moved to core and designed to work server side across multiple checkout pages and even between customer profile types that may have different fields. The Account information checkout pane was also updated to support e-mail address verification through double entry.

We included a variety of Views integration improvements, including adding a missing handler, updating area handlers for Views 3.5, supporting redirect destinations on our entity operation links, and adding a node filter to only show product display nodes.

Finally, we added a few features to make it simpler for site builders to build product pricing rules. Foremost among these is a new Price comparison condition that supports multi-currency price comparisons and accepts input in major currency unit decimal values instead of minor unit integer values (i.e. compare in Dollars or Euros instead of Cents). We also added a read only computed property allowing you to use the generic Data comparison condition against these major unit decimal values.

Ryan Szrama
Posted: Oct 31, 2012

Commerce Kickstart 2.0 Release Candidate

Bojan tagged a release candidate of Commerce Kickstart 2.0 on Monday before taking a well-deserved vacation. This releases solidifies the set of contributed modules and custom code we've built the distribution on, and it brings a high level of polish to visual elements like the customer administration theme.

This release also marks a milestone change in maintenance strategy for the project. Subsequent releases will contain an upgrade path for sites using the distribution in production, with new releases also being packaged up to accommodate contributed module updates.

Ryan Szrama
Posted: Sep 21, 2012

Welcome to the new DrupalCommerce.org!

We launched the new DrupalCommerce.org in the wee hours of the morning after a marathon migration sprint. As I mentioned before, the old site was created on Drupal 6 in late 2009 and was minimally maintained as a community forum. We always wanted to build a much more intentional user self-help community, but we were limited by the technology we were running.

The new site was built from scratch on Drupal 7 to give us a much more flexible foundation. Aaron Dudenhofer implemented the design you see as an Omega subtheme, and I built many of the features while Kris Vanderwater figured out how to use the Migrate module to move old content into the new systems.

There's still more content to flesh out and a little site building to be done, but let's take a quick look at the most prominent new features:

Ryan Szrama
Posted: May 31, 2012


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