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Exploring Drupal Commerce Support Options

As Drupal Developers, you’re likely to run into a few questions when you first crack open Drupal Commerce. There’s something foreign and perhaps a bit scary about building a website that accepts money. The site better be solid, secure, flexible, and (above all) easy to understand.

That’s why we built literally everything in Drupal Commerce on the shoulders of existing technology that Drupal Developers understand: Views, Entities, Fields, etc. That decision doesn’t help you if you don’t understand existing Drupal sites.

So we have an interesting and fantastic problem: we’ve got this great software, but we have more and more questions flooding into drupalcommerce.org about Drupal, about eCommerce stores, about security, and many other topics.

Questions and Answers on drupalcommerce.org

Based on the ever-increasing demand of questions, we rebuilt Commerce Q&A to better reward our most loyal community members and build a knowledge base of answers. Additionally, there is a very long list of trusted sources for great Drupal Commerce information: Drupal Answers, Reddit, LinkedIn, Quora, Facebook, and many other sites.

Unfortunately, developers don’t always have the luxury of depending on (or waiting for) a community site to answer a mission-critical question. That’s why we built three additional support options.

Turbo Tickets

Turbo Tickets - Hire a Commerce Guy for an hour to provide best practice advice or a solution to a problem threatening the on-time delivery of your project. It costs around $100 per ticket (varies by currency), and if we can’t give you a good answer in two business days we'll give you your money back.

Dev Coaching - Coaching navigates through the finer details of your project as they unfold. Regular check-ins allow us to anticipate potential issues before they become roadblocks and to offer expert guidance. Our in-depth experience in eCommerce becomes your safeguard against wasting precious time.

Enterprise Support - We partner with Acquia to provide enterprise support for live Drupal Commerce sites. Your site is covered for any issue that may arise in production, with our support teams combining their efforts to solve general Drupal or Drupal Commerce specific problems that would lead to lost revenue if not resolved in a timely manner.

We charge for these support options for the same reason you have to charge money to build websites. However, we’ve worked really hard to make sure these paid support options do not cannibalize time and effort from our community support channels while providing Drupal Commerce developers with quick, high-quality answers.

Have a Drupal Commerce question? Try Turbo Tickets now!

Josh Miller
Posted: Apr 2, 2013


bojanz Bojan Zivanovic on April 2, 2013

My experience with the existing turbo tickets so far shows that the questions are high quality, and are already making us re-evaluate certain documentation topics and FAQs.
The client gets an answer right away, the community benefits in the long run.

(Of course, all this happened before turbo tickets anyway, but in addition to me doing support in my free time, and on work time sometimes, I can now also devote more work time to it)