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Commerce Kickstart 2.0 Release Candidate

Bojan tagged a release candidate of Commerce Kickstart 2.0 on Monday before taking a well-deserved vacation. This releases solidifies the set of contributed modules and custom code we've built the distribution on, and it brings a high level of polish to visual elements like the customer administration theme.

This release also marks a milestone change in maintenance strategy for the project. Subsequent releases will contain an upgrade path for sites using the distribution in production, with new releases also being packaged up to accommodate contributed module updates.

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Posted: September 21, 2012

Welcome to the new DrupalCommerce.org!

We launched the new DrupalCommerce.org in the wee hours of the morning after a marathon migration sprint. As I mentioned before, the old site was created on Drupal 6 in late 2009 and was minimally maintained as a community forum. We always wanted to build a much more intentional user self-help community, but we were limited by the technology we were running.

The new site was built from scratch on Drupal 7 to give us a much more flexible foundation. Aaron Dudenhofer implemented the design you see as an Omega subtheme, and I built many of the features while Kris Vanderwater figured out how to use the Migrate module to move old content into the new systems.

There's still more content to flesh out and a little site building to be done, but let's take a quick look at the most prominent new features:

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Posted: May 31, 2012

DrupalCommerce.org Redesign in Progress

This website has largely remained unchanged since its creation at the end of 2009. Despite Drupal 7 being released in January 2011, we still haven't updated to it to take advantage of its latest and greatest features to foster a better community here around Drupal Commerce. While the site saw active maintenance and incremental improvement under rfay for many months, we're finally going to bring a fresh coat of paint and revamped feature set to help build a better self-help and user support community on DrupalCommerce.org.

In late January and early February we commissioned a new design for the site, choosing to go with a bold, fresh design over a "tried and true" corporate look. It emphasizes in many ways the vibrant, friendly community we're seen growing and brings immediate focus to items of interest to new visitors.

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Posted: May 23, 2012

Drupal Commerce at DrupalCon Denver

DrupalCon Denver will be the first major DrupalCon to offer a Commerce track in addition to a full day of Drupal Commerce training before the conference. While it's a modest start at 5 sessions spread throughout the entire 3 day session schedule, it's an important step toward raising the profile of e-commerce on Drupal.

The Commerce sessions accepted include:

If you haven't attended a DrupalCon in the past, it's the premier Drupal event in the U.S. drawing upwards of 4,000 attendees. While there are only a handful of sessions dealing directly with Drupal Commerce or e-commerce topics, the variety of sessions presented at the conference will more than likely apply to your process of building a complete Drupal based website. Sessions pertaining to Views, Rules, Git, and other contributed modules and contribution processes are sure to help you.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Posted: November 19, 2011

Drupal Commerce at DrupalCon London

The annual European DrupalCon is coming to the U.K. on August 22-26, 2011. The venue for the event is Fairfield Halls in Croydon just south of London. If you're anywhere close, this will be the place to find out the latest happenings in the Drupal community. Come join us!

We'll have one Drupal Commerce session on the official schedule, a panel discussion titled Developing with Drupal Commerce. Several long time contributors to the project will be joining me to discuss what it takes to use Drupal Commerce on European projects of various sizes and complexities and how to best write code to add features or integrate with external services. I'm excited to lead the discussion and will take the opportunity to introduce each aspect of the modules and code that we talk about.

If you're looking for more in depth information on Drupal Commerce, join Commerce Guys for a full day of Drupal Commerce training on August 22, 2011. We'll be covering every aspect of the core modules in addition to introducing new functionality meant to improve the site builder experience around creating product displays and customizable Add to Cart forms.

Finally, expect to see a full schedule of "Birds of a Feather" (BoF) sessions that couldn't fit into the official conference program. With five times as many sessions proposed as were accepted to the conference schedule, it was inevitable that many Drupal Commerce proposals would be left out. BoF sessions provide a chance for interested attendees to still gather and discuss a topic of interest in a specially designated area of the conference venue.

We hope to see many of you there!

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Posted: July 6, 2011

DrupalCon Chicago Session Video

DrupalCon Chicago was quite a rush. It was the first Drupal event since we've hit a stable release of the Commerce modules, and the feedback from all directions was extremely positive. The video for my session, Drupal Commerce: Setting up shop on Drupal 7, was posted to archive.org, but the service there isn't the most reliable or feature-rich. As such, I've cross-posted the video to vimeo, so watch away!

Drupal Commerce at DrupalCon Chicago from Ryan Szrama on Vimeo.

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Posted: March 30, 2011

DrupalCon Chicago Development Roadmap

Getting "there" from "here". If only it were as simple as finding directions on a Google Map. : )

The goal? Have a solid 1.0 release by Drupal Commerce with a simple installation profile ready for new users to start selling on Drupal 7.

Where are we now? Still firmly in alpha territory, with a beta looming. In the last few days, the big ticket item - dynamic pricing and price pre-calculation - has landed, preparing the way for taxes and tax display. The only major feature left then will be physical product description fields, but we're going to hold off on rushing any shipping price calculation for 1.0. Work will develop around this in contrib and be targeted for a 2.0 inclusion if ready.

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Posted: December 21, 2010

Drupal Commerce 7.0-alpha2 Released

The first Drupal Commerce alpha release received little fanfare here somehow. In the press of DrupalCon Copenhagen, I neglected to post the news here of all places! Well, I'm fixing that right now with this little announcement for our second alpha release that just went live minutes ago. You can download it from our project page on drupal.org.

Most everything worth saying about the release is in the release notes, so I encourage you to read those. The short version is we now have a fully functioning Payment module, making alpha 2 a great time for payment integrators to start roughing out their Commerce integration. There's also a great base test class for Commerce tests with documentation to go with it, so folks looking to dig into the modules and APIs are encouraged to do it while writing some much needed tests.

The Specification handbook here has also received quite a bit of love to go along with the release, so I encourage you to poke around and provide feedback on its structure and on the content that's actually there. For now you'll need to look in the Info hooks and Utilizing the core APIs sections as the others are just scaffolding.

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Posted: October 9, 2010

July / August 2010 Development Roadmap

Our code sprint at the end of June resulted in an abundance of tickets for outstanding development on existing systems and projected improvements to checkout to accommodate the payment system. Several of these include UI mock-ups provided by Bojhan for us to work towards. We also planned out the payment implementation as much as possible, considering different payment workflows (CC on site, hosted payment, hosted checkout, etc.) and payment information security. There were also certain items that we tabled for future discussion, like the implementation of shipping and taxes.

Tangibly, this discussion and development boils down to two things. First, there's a fine queue of issues tagged dcsprint3 in the d.o tracker to complete. Second, we have the following roadmap for development leading up to DrupalCon Copenhagen:

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Posted: July 14, 2010

DrupalCon Copenhagen, August 23-27, 2010

DrupalCon Copenhagen is only a month and a half away, meaning we have our work cut out for us to prepare a Drupal Commerce release for presentation at the conference. After last week's code sprint, summarized here, we have a clear path forward and will be posting a roadmap for the next few weeks in the next day or two.

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Posted: July 7, 2010


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