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DrupalCon Chicago Development Roadmap

Getting "there" from "here". If only it were as simple as finding directions on a Google Map. : )

The goal? Have a solid 1.0 release by Drupal Commerce with a simple installation profile ready for new users to start selling on Drupal 7.

Where are we now? Still firmly in alpha territory, with a beta looming. In the last few days, the big ticket item - dynamic pricing and price pre-calculation - has landed, preparing the way for taxes and tax display. The only major feature left then will be physical product description fields, but we're going to hold off on rushing any shipping price calculation for 1.0. Work will develop around this in contrib and be targeted for a 2.0 inclusion if ready.

So, in a pretty list, the targeted beta items:

  • Dynamic price pre-calculation UI and Views integration
  • Tax definition and display via the dynamic price system
  • Physical product description fields (weight, dimensions, etc.)
  • Extensible entity / API operation access control

We should roll a beta in time for the Paris Commerce Sprint on January 17-21, 2011. The focus of this sprint will be to get Drupal Commerce from beta to 1.0 in time for DrupalCon Chicago. This will involve extended review of the following items:

  • Multilingual / multicurrency usage
  • Entity revisions and log displays
  • UI design and customer / administrator usability
  • Rules / Views / Token integration
  • SimpleTest coverage

We should leave the sprint with plenty of patches in tow and a host of issues isolating the remaining kinks in the systems. I love working through well-defined issues, and Commerce Guys will be giving me additional resources to fix them all up before DrupalCon Chicago. I hope for Drupal Commerce to be the belle of the ball, and I'm excited about how close we are and how fun it's been to work on the project.

Let me know if you have any questions about the sprint or are interested in attending / sending someone to help.

Ryan Szrama
Posted: Dec 21, 2010