field template for product view


I have a view that shows products and some of theirs line items. I want to theme a particular field so

I went into "Theme: Information" found the template file name for that field and added it to the templates directory of my theme.

I clear all caches and confirmed that "Theme: Information" highlights the particular theme file i created.

However, none of my changes are shown when editing the field template.

I've done this plenty of time with regular views but, this time it's not working. Are product views handled differently?


Posted: Mar 6, 2013


tthenne on May 11, 2013

You may want to check a couple things...
If the view is for product administration and if you are using a different administrative theme then the front-end theme then you will want to make sure you have the template declared in your admin theme, not your front-end theme. Also, make sure your .info file in admin theme (if applicable) is declaring the views-theme plugin directory.