Wrong price calculation

Hy people.

just installed the kickstart 2 and played around a bit. When adding multiple products (one product but multiple amounts) i get after the add-to-cart a wrong value in the overlay, saying the total price of x-times the same product is the single price?

Also the "continue shopping" and close function doesn´t work.

I didn´t changed anything, just plain installation, full content. Seems to be a basic problem...

Any suggestion?

(ähhh...somehow it´s not possible to upload images here... sorry, so no screenshot)

Posted: Oct 12, 2012


amorales on November 5, 2012

The popup is a view, and you can change it as your need.

For the problem of the links not working when try to close or continue buying. It happened to me and the only way for getting it working again is by restarting the installation with no demo content but selecting the option for adding extra blocks (I don't remember exactly the name of the option). With this the popup works fine.

Scorpio26 Janhu on November 5, 2012

Thanks amorales

I tried to see the view: admin/structure/views/view/confirm_message_product_display

The field (Product) Commerce Product: Price (Total) allows only two options:
* Display the original price as loaded.
* Display the calculated sell price for the current user.

I have not found a way to calculate the total = price * quantity

The links instead work well