How to add add to cart field for multiple products

I have implemented commerce kickstart and had completed most of the integration.
But the client wants to change the way add to cart works.

We need to create a table with a list of all the products displayed with quantity 0.
The customer will add the quantity based on his choice.

As the end of this list there should be a single add to cart button.

Is this possible.

Thank you for any support.

Posted: Aug 30, 2012


chopsumbongw on August 31, 2012

I had a look at that module but was unable to use it. There isn't any documentation on how it should be integrated.
Also this still would not be the right solution.

As i need a single order button on the page.

I do not need to integrate payment gateway or store logistics functionality.

Just a simple form with a list of Items that can be enabled and disabled from the admin page.
The order form should have all products listed by category, aside each product a text box with default 0.
When then customer increments the items he wants and clicks submit.

If the customer is logged in he goes to final step else he is asked to register.

Last step - An email is sent to the customer and client.

Is there is an easy way to implement this. I was thinking about creating a simple form. I dont know how to make the cart update after you hit submit.

rvallejo on November 30, 2012

Did you look into Views Bulk Operations? You would have to create a Rules Action Component to add items to the cart, then set this component as your action in a VBO View where you can select multiple items.