Cosmetic changes to text not displayed on site

My customer wants to change the shopping cart title from "Shopping cart" to "Shopping Cart".

I searched for "Shopping cart" (case sensitive) in Dreamweaver and found references to the title in commerce_cart.view_default.inc. But when I update the text to an uppercase "C", the changes are not reflected on the website (using localhost).

Is there some other place that I need to update this text, or do I need to clear the cache tables?

Posted: Jan 26, 2012


jimwill on January 26, 2012

Thanks for the reply. It seems strange to me to install a module for translating English to English. I guess the performance hit wouldn't be much, but I'd prefer to do this without adding another module.

rfay Randy Fay on January 26, 2012

Translation is a core function in Drupal. The additional String Overrides module is just adding a user interface.

This is the standard way of changing text in Drupal, and always has been. It's oh-so-superior to hacking at the code (which all of us did before we knew about this.)