User focused documentation of the product aspects of kickstart demo

The DC team have done a fantastic job with the latest kickstart but the learning curve for non Drupal users is still high.

I needed to clearly explain the demo capabilities to my user, for example how the product variations, product variations types and displays related to each other. I also wanted to be consistent with terminology. To do this I created a few powerpoint slides which tell the product part of the demo story with pictures and screenshots.

My user and I found the process useful and I hope you may find them useful for your project.

Enjoy !

Posted: Mar 8, 2013

Displaying Products directly by Views, not via Product-Display

having a very small site with a shop i wonder if there are any disadvantages when displaying products DIRECTLY with a view (i.e. NOT INDIRECTLY via a view which uses a node-reference to a product-display). Since none of my products need multiple product-nodes behind one product-display, it would be very handy to skip the generation of product-displays (or the deletion of them when deleting products).
products without product-display: is it a way to go or are there huge disadvantages?

Posted: Jun 16, 2012

what about localization? there's no ui for product translation!

I have been using experiment drupal commerce for a while.. and it's really an amazing project..
there's nothing that i can't do with it.
but when it comes to localization. i didn't find ui to translate products.
actuality i'am using the 'inline item form creation' module for product creation. and it's really something i can't give up, it's amazing..
but this also don't have a translation support in its UI.
so, what options available for translating products?

Posted: Jun 8, 2012
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