what about localization? there's no ui for product translation!

I have been using experiment drupal commerce for a while.. and it's really an amazing project..
there's nothing that i can't do with it.
but when it comes to localization. i didn't find ui to translate products.
actuality i'am using the 'inline item form creation' module for product creation. and it's really something i can't give up, it's amazing..
but this also don't have a translation support in its UI.
so, what options available for translating products?

and i'm so happy to see the new drupalcommerce.org.
god bless you. commerce guys

Posted: Jun 8, 2012


Dexter0015 on June 14, 2012


I don't know if my answer is really relevant but here is how I did to make it work :

As "product" entity seems not translatable, I decided to over pass it with translate "product display". Which is a node so can be translate.

First, I have to specify that, in my case, I have only one product type.
But I think it should works with several products.

My proccess is :

- create a "product type" with just essential informations (price, image, title, weight, things like what...).

- create a "Product Display" for what "product type" and add some extra informations (secondary informations).
And don't forget to enable translatIon for it.

So, with that method, I decide that, my products are only stored in my language, and, each time I create a "product display" for a product, I can translate it in each language.

It's works for me but, like I write, my case is special because the website I'm working on is just selling one type of product.

Things would be different if I needed to create several "Product display" for one product...

I understand that I didn't really answered your question, but I hope it could help somebody.