Commerce Stock - allocated stock and abandoned carts

1. When a customer adds an item to their cart I want to reduce the stock availability immediately for any other customers who may visit that item
(whilst the first customer is still in the store and hasn't checked out yet).

2. I want to be able to make the stock that has been allocated to a cart that has been abandoned available again to other customers.

Let me explain.

Posted: Mar 28, 2013

providing multiple products to buy in a single add to cart form

After days of trying, asking for support on this forum is my last option. I am building a website selling sim cards and the design should be as follows

1 page (add to cart form) on which you first will be able to select your sim card and than will be able to select the credit you want to load on to the sim card. The credit could be 100 min plus 400mb or 1000min plus 1gb data etc. with some additional information. It is designed as being vouchers with a little more explanation for each credit voucher.

Posted: Feb 18, 2013

Hide attribute language field


First, big fan of Drupal Commerce!
I ran into a seemingly simple problem but can't find the solution.

I enabled Translation for the Color vocabulary for a multilingual shop.
In the Full node display of a product, the Color terms are nicely rendered as selectors for the product variant. But an additional Language field is now visible with label and value for each Color terms.

Hiding the Language field in the Add to Cart form display mode is not working.

Posted: Jan 22, 2013

Ajax problem in add to cart form


I have tried using the built in interface to enable AJAX callbacks for my add to cart form but it isnt working. I made a custom list of products with an "add to cart" button next to them but for some reason the whole page reloads.

The site is here:

Since the front page is built in one single page with information (only ajax calls in colorbox) its pretty important that one can add new products without reloading the whole page.

Posted: Jan 10, 2013

'add to cart' button totally disappeared

I don't know what exactly caused this since I didn't notice it until after performing a core and multiple module updates (all to current versions) along with removing the default kickstart products etc, but the add to cart button totally disappeared everywhere on the site including all display nodes and all views.

In views that used the add to cart field, I now get 'Broken/missing handler' and the Relationship is also missing. I added the relationship back (Content:Product) but there is no Field to select for the "Commerce Product: Add to Cart Form"

Posted: Aug 14, 2012

Snippet: How to modify text of add-to-cart product select (multiple products in display)

Say we are selling rugs, and there is a style "Dots" in 3x6, 4x5 and 2x8, and also colors Red, Blue and Green. That's a lot of rug Products, but thankfully we can group them in one "Dots" product display.

However we named each rug descriptively (or maybe bulk content creation did it for us) like so: Dots Rug Red [3 x 5], On the product type we have a textfield for the color and a term reference for the size.

Posted: Jul 26, 2012

Multiple quantity fields on one product display page


I'm looking for what I guess must be a pretty rare use case for a product display page. The client we're developing this for sells books largely business to business and come in multiple languages.

I have set up three product entities each with a different language selection under a language taxonomy. They've been attached to a product display node and are displaying as expected there, allowing the user to choose what language they want the book to come in and then add to cart with a quantity field.

Posted: Jul 18, 2012

Automatic add to cart

I am a Drupal n00b, but I have been tasked with converting a web site which contains some commerce like elements (contest entries) into Drupal. Basically, a possibly not-logged in visitor selects a number of categories, uploads the file they wish the contest to consider, may repeat that process for other file entries, and then proceeds to a page where they enter contact info, billing info, and CC info. The total number of selected categories, regardless of the number of entries, times the charge per entry, determines the total charge. There should be no adding to cart.

Posted: Jun 4, 2012


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