Anonymous Checkout & User Registration

Modules that can be used to customize the registration/login process during checkout.

Before completing checkout

Redirect to login page before checking out

If you want to send users over to a customized registration or login page, Commerce Checkout Redirect will do that when they click on the checkout link.

This module redirects anonymous users to a page where they can login or create a new account when they try to checkout.

Add a customer login step to checkout

The Commerce Login Step module adds an extra page to the checkout process along with pane that allows a customer to log in or proceed without logging in.

Two other modules that appear to do something similar are:

  • Commerce Extra includes two panes and a login page. One pane is for unregistered users and one for logged-in users. Still under development.

  • Commerce Checkout Login

    This module extends that pane to provide e-mail validation and an inline login form via AJAX. If the e-mail address an anonymous user enters is already associated with a user account, the checkout form will expand with an optional password textfield and login button for immediate login.

After completing checkout

Commerce Checkout Complete Registration

This module creates a new pane which (defaulting to the Complete pane) that allows a customer to complete their registration. Great for using with anonymous checkout to give customer a chance to create the account after checking out.