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Display a view based on taxonomy of multiple categories

I'm trying to create a view based on a selection of multiple categories, eg. Product, Gender and type
I have created a taxonomy term based catalogue, using the following terms as an example
Main Category: Tops, Trousers etc.
Category: T-shirts, Hoodies, Cropped trousers
Gender: Ladies, Mens etc.
T-shirt size: Ladies 10, Ladies 12, Mens S, Mens M, etc.
I'm trying to display this using Superfish as a mega menu style, so it would be displayed like this:
Ladies Mens
T-shirts T-shirts
Hoodies Hoodies
I have created a view that is displaying a product list view of all tops, and using search api it is possible to display all items sorted by Ladies, however I am unsure how to create the view to enable clicking on T-shirts under Ladies to just display those items.
Basically I'm trying to create a catalogue similar to this: http://www.craghoppers.com/women/tshirts-tops
Also if a user clicked on Tops it would display the fields listed above grouped in a similar way to all products on the demo store. Is this a collection of views within another view?
I've looked at so many different options and read and researched so much in the drupal.org forum and commerce guys questions and answers, watched videos to try and create this, I am now lost. Some of the many options I have explored are panels, views within views and viewfield.
Many thanks in advance for any help.

Asked by: Lizzie
on July 16, 2013


Ok I have made progress, I have created more views and pages within views and by selecting items under Filter content: by Gender etc. But I'm not sure if I am creating more views than necessary, or if there is better or more efficient way to achieve this. Any help would be gratefully received. Many Thanks

- Lizzie on July 22, 2013

1 Answer

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I have solved this after many hours of research and trying multiple configurations. I ended up creating 2 views on top of the existing CK views. I cloned the default taxonomy term view and used the Taxonomy display module to select the view required for each vocabulary. I hope this helps someone else, as I wasted far too much time researching and testing how to achieve this and none of the configurations worked on my setup. Thankfully this is now resolved.

Answer by: Lizzie
Posted: Jul 30, 2013