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After migrating from Ubercart what HAS to be left in the database?

I migrated into commerce from Ubercart and all was well. (I migrated from and to the same database) All of my products were the way I wanted them to be, so I disabled all Ubercart modules, deleted them and deleted all Ubercart tables in the database, this caused the products to go haywire and even after restoring the field_data tables (the error I got asked for these) my Product catalog no longer works the way it did before. (The products themselves returned to working correctly)
My catalog uses the contextual filter: Has taxonomy term ID (with depth). I am currently restroing my site, but I need to know: What modules/tables in my database can I delete without messing anything up?

Asked by: sensei00s
on March 27, 2013

1 Answer

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That is a tough question. I'd recommend leaving your database alone after uninstallation of ubercart modules. Was this a D7 -> D7 migration? I would recommend using migrate and bringing in the products and order history from a separate database. That's only way to make sure you don't have weird relics like you're dealing with.


Josh Miller
Answer by: Josh Miller
Posted: Apr 3, 2013


The problem was actually me updating my views module incorrectly. I found out I can delete all tables except the field data ones. Thanks

- sensei00s on April 4, 2013