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Sell access to weblink

I'm trying to work out a Drupal Commerce build which is my first attempt at using it to sell a product.

Rather than selling a physical object I am trying to sell access to a link (I have already planned for an 'authorisation ticketing system' to ensure that you can't just copy the link address, you have to come from my site) but I am getting confused because I am not selling a physical object which you can buy more than 1 of, nor is it a digital file to download - basically my goal would be that when you have bought access to the link, the 'Add to Cart' link on the page would change to 'View' and then this would be the link you bought.

My first thought would be to use this link to set up a per node access control, but how would I then change the Add to Cart link in to a View button?

Kind regards

Asked by: aps Andrew
on March 5, 2013

1 Answer

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I am sure there are numerous ways to achieve this. However, if this is just a SINGLE product (e.g., the link is the same for all buyers) probably the most simple method to create a rule that promotes members to a new membership role after payment is confirmed. The you can make this link visible only to that member role. You can place a view on their user account pages with the link available to them. Like I said, I imagine there are a lot ways using various content access modules and permissions settings either on block, views etc. But for a single link that is the same for everybody... i think a new role and access to the link within their account pages is the most straight forward approach. Cheers, Kevin

Answer by: drupalability
Posted: Mar 6, 2013


I realised I never responded to this, but thanks for your reply

- aps Andrew on March 20, 2013

I think my initial description was possibly a little ambiguous, what I meant about only having a single product was that you could only buy an item once, then you own that item according to the website.

The method I ended up using for this was to set a rule to only allow 1 item in the cart of that specific product. Then I happened to come across this module which allowed me to create a module which would scan a users account, check which of the products they had bought and change the default action, rather than allowing them to buy it over again.

- aps Andrew on March 20, 2013