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Just Migrated from Ubercart and cannot make add to cart buttons

Hi, I just migrated a whole site with about 45000 products over from Ubercart into a fresh installation of commerce (didnt know if it would work with kickstart), I'm getting the hang of commerce, but no matter what I do I cant make add to cart buttons for products (I also dont know how stock is handled in commerce yet so I think those numbers weren't brought over, although the field in the sql table to see if items can be viewed and purchased or whatever area all set to 1). I looked at the guide on the commerce homepage and set up the 'product' field on the content types: Product and Product Display according to the guide and for the teaser/default display modes. i.e. I set the product field to required and checked 'render field from referenced products...' (The other fields are not be identical with each other, but I assumed this didnt matter) I made the basic catalog by following the guide and it doesnt have add to cart buttons (everything else works) I also tried to make a add to cart button in a custom view I made using the 'Field:Product' selection (I don't have the option of Commerce Product: Add to Cart form, I actually dont have any commerce fields selectable from views)

If someone could help me I would be EXTREMELY appreciative

P.S. If I can install kickstart and if it would fix this problem I would be open to doing that, but I'm new to commerce so I just dont know.

Asked by: sensei00s
on February 25, 2013

1 Answer

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OK! I Kind of fixed the problem!! I didn't notice that I didn't set up the teaser for Product
Display to have the Product field rendered in the Add to Cart format. But this only fixes it as a product display. I have the same settings (Product field rendered in the Add to Cart format) for the product type on the teaser view and it isn't working in a separate view I made that displays products (not product displays).

So after doing more exploring I realized that if I made a view with the products (not product displays) the add to cart button isnt there, but on product displays everything is fine, normally I wouldnt care, but I want my catalog to be taxonomy term based and product displays dont have taxonomy terms. How can I do this?

Answer by: sensei00s
Posted: Feb 25, 2013


Add a taxonomy term field to your product display content type :) Or use "relationship" in Views to bring in fields from your connected products and then filter based on your product's taxonomy terms.

- Josh Miller on March 5, 2013